This settlement is located near the north-east corner of Pictou County.  It was named after a town in County Cork, Ireland.  Settlement began here about 1788 with John Bailey, Duncan and Alexander Chisholm and John Gault.  These people received a grant of land on which they settled in 1792.

A Roman Catholic Church and a school-house were built here by 1875.  A new school was completed in 1883 but this building burned down during the winter of 1948-49.  A new two room school was completed in 1953.Fishing and farming are the basic industries.  Population in 1956 was 111.

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Merigomish Harbour is a large natural harbor 12 miles in length with many small islands and coves.  It is the main estuary of the Sutherlands and Barney Rivers.  Merigomish Harbour is a great spot for bird-watching, as many Bald Eagle and migrating waterfowl make their home in this area.
Separating the harbour from the Northumberland Strait is Big Island and a causeway that divides surf and sandy secluded beaches from the harbour. Merigomish Harbour is a wonderful spot for all types of water sports including; canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing and water skiing.  It is also an excellent spot for hiking, bicycling or just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful views and fresh air.

The surrounding area features numerous other attractions for those looking for adventure, or just relaxation. For those in an adventurous mood, why not take a run down Nova Scotia's only Zip Line? How about a kayak trip to one of the many islands through-out the area?

A spectacular view of the Northumberland Strait; sunset on a beach is truly a sight to behold. Whether it be a quiet relaxing weekend away from it all, a stop over on your adventure, or a longer term stay, Merigomish and area is a place of true natural beauty sure to delight the senses and leave you feeling rested and at peace.